Best Reciprocating Saws 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Having a portable toolkit at home is necessary. However, for some, tools can be a thing of passion. This goes out especially for people who are into architecture, building or construction. Such individuals have many such tools and equipment at home that can make even the hardest nut crack. One such piece of equipment is a reciprocating saw.

For those who don’t know, reciprocating saws are versatile pieces of tools that are in the arsenal for every person in the trade and of DIY hobbyists. The best thing about these saws is that they can slice through any material, unlike the regular saws. Be it any nook or cranny, nothing is out of your reach if you have a reciprocating saw handy.

Sounds like just the thing you need for your ongoing project right? But the sheer number of reciprocating saws in the market can indeed get you confused. There are tons of claims that all the brands make. How do you know which one is ideal for you? Oh my God! Does this imply sleepless nights of continuous research?!

Don’t worry, for we have covered most of that for you. This article contains the best reciprocating saws that can help you with any tricky piece of work. Ready? Let’s begin then.

Best Reciprocating Saws 2021


1st Place

Makita JR3050T Recipro Saw
By Makita


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Best Value

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp
By Milwaukee


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DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, Corded, 12-Amp


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Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp
By Skil


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Best Reciprocating Saw reviews 2021

#1. Makita JR3050T Recipro Saw:

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This particular saw combines the power of an 11 AMP motor and weighs less than 7.3 lbs. The combination of the powerful AMP and its light weight make it an ideal tool to be used all day long without much to worry about. The saw has a variable speed (0-2,800 SPM) along with a 1-1/8 inch blade stroke required for effective slicing. If you are looking for a saw to slice through metal, drywall and plaster, this is the saw to opt for.

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The best reciprocating saw comes with a large two-finger button paired with lock-on buttons which provides extra convenience. Additionally, the saw offers a soft grip that enhances comfort. Though saws can be used by hobbyists as well, this particular saw can be used by hardcore professionals like farmer, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and also by general construction workers.

Well, the information about how to mount the blade maybe incomplete for you, if you are using an old reciprocating saw. But the process itself is very easy, the blade just needs a firm push into the mounting and the collar lock will rotate itself to lock the blade. Yeah! It’s that easy and also the process of removing the blade is smooth & hassle free. Let’s take look at the pros and cons of Makita JR3050T, before you choose it for yourself.


  • Setting and removing blades is easy
  • The saw case has a couple of pockets for storage
  • Easy to understand instructions


  • Takes longer to cut
  • Not a heavy-duty tool

#2. Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw:

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In addition to being durable and easy to use, the Milwaukee 6538-21 uses constant power technology that helps to maintain a steady speed and results in unmatched cutting performance. The 15.0 amp of this particular best reciprocating saw provides the highest overload protection in the entire industry and also prevents motor burn up or failure. The Milwaukee saw provides a patented gear protection clutch that extends the life of the gear and clutch by absorbing the high-impact forces that might occur due to sudden blade block. The patented mechanism thus provides smooth performance that accompanies this low vibrating reciprocating saw. Finally, the user can use the variable speed trigger and dial speed control mechanism.

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When it comes to reciprocating saw Milwaukee’s reputation is above average, moreover they provide 5 years of warranty. From cutting through unwanted trees in your driveway to tearing down a crashed to a pile of scrap, Super Sawzall does its job neatly.

Apart from the professionals, this product is also recommended for the homeowners as the control is easy and smooth. Super Sawzall is also very light for a reciprocating saw, so it will be easy on your back too. On the other hand, many customers have shared their positive remarks about the longevity of the product. Overall, if you are looking for a value for money reciprocating saw, Milwaukee’s Super Sawzall is your go to.


  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality tool
  • Cuts through woods and trees with ease


  • Requires continuous maintenance
  • Too small case
  • Does not come with many attachments

#3. DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, Corded, 12-Amp:

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Looking for a best reciprocating saw that can provide 2,900 strokes per minute? Then we have just the product for you, the DEWALT Reciprocating Saw! This best reciprocating saw is powered by a powerful 12 amp motor designed for heavy-duty usage.

The 4-position blade clamped in the saw makes way for flush cutting and enhanced versatility. Unlike in other saws, blade change is not difficult in this particular saw as it comes with a keyless, lever action blade that clamps in easily. 0-2,900 SPM and 1-1/8″ stroke length make cutting through surface smooth and easy. Finally, the variable-speed triggers make speed control instant and effective.

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Apart from those above mentioned features, the process of removing and attaching blade is super easy. The product has no overheating issue when you are using it for period of time. Another nice feature is you can aim the blade in four different directions. This is because the head of the saw turns in directions and no need to hold it manually to cut through several angle. has a rubber grip to hold it comfortably, this reduces the chance of injury. This is a corded reciprocating saw, so it is mostly recommended for homeowners but it has the durability to withstand commercial work.


  • Sturdy and well-made saw
  • Easy to clamp and change blades
  • Works at a good pace for quite some time without overheating


  • The saw does not come with a storage bag or case
  • Instructions are very difficult to understand
  • Does not include a case

#4. Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw:

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The Skil 9206-02 saw is powered by a 7.5 Amp motor that makes way for ample power to get the job done. The tool-less blade operation makes it easy for the users to change the blades without much fuss. Additionally, this best reciprocating saw offers heavy-duty metal gear operations for additional ruggedness and durability. To provide additional stability while slicing through metals, this saw provides pivoting foot. Finally, a counter-balance for vibration makes this saw ideal for all the heavy work that you need to do.

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The saw comes with a general purpose blade which can handle common household and garden work. Cutting through 2-3 inches thick object should not be a problem with Skil 9206-02, but thicker than that it may have a problem with only 7.5-Amp Variable Speed. Another mentionable thing is some people might need two hands to use the saw as it is a bit heavy compared to other saws we mentioned in the list. Moving on to who should buy this product and what type of work it can really handle.

Well, honestly the product does not have enough power to support heavy construction work. This is mainly for home use and small carpentry and household work. If you are a seasoned professional, you should not go for this reciprocating saw.


  • Offers enough control to users
  • Easy to swap blades
  • Ideal to be used for home and gardening


  • The blade that accompanies the product is flimsy
  • Saw heats up quickly

#5. WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw with Orbital Mode:

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If you are getting this best reciprocating saw, then you are going to have the best of both worlds. The pivoting and push-button quickly transforms this jigsaw into a reciprocating saw and back with just a push of the button. The saw offers a slight circular motion which works magically on all surfaces. This is better than the back and forth stoke that most saws provide.

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Since the product is only 4.2 lbs, it can be manoeuvred easily giving way to intricate cuts. The integrated blower attached to this saw keeps dust and debris off the surface of the material being worked upon, making way for better visibility.

All of the work can be done with the WORX PowerShare. This is the only cordless tool platform that uses the same battery as the 20V and 40V tools. Finally, this saw works on an array of materials like wood, fibreglass, ceramic, tree limbs, PVC pipes, aluminium, copper, and even on roots.


  • Ideal product for massaging and cutting
  • Highly powerful battery-operated saw
  • Pivot is solid and does not wiggle


  • The battery does not last long
  • User instruction not clear
  • The blades on the holder are loose

Best Reciprocating Saws 2021 : Buying Guide

Whether you are a professional, carpenter or a hobbyist, having a reciprocating saw in your tool shed is essential if you want smooth operations and fine results! Since this is an essential tool, choosing an ideal saw requires a bit of insight. In that light, a few consideration points can come in handy. A few of them include the following.

Corded or not:

This consideration is important for two possibilities, one, when you have to reach the task, and second, when the task has to reach you. For instance, think that you are working in your car shed; this means that you will have to move about a lot. In such a case, having a cordless reciprocating saw is essential. However, if you are going to cut open parts of the car, then send it to a shed; you will require a corded model. The consideration of choosing between a corded model or a cordless one is pretty easy. You will not require a cordless saw with heavy batteries if you have accessible electrical outlets near your workstation. It must also be borne in mind that the batteries required for cordless saws are expensive and their performance is nowhere near the corded models.

Voltage and Amperage:

As a rule of thumb, a powerful reciprocating saw is always going to be powered by a higher voltage or amperage. However, to understand which amperage or voltage will work for you, take a look at the task you have at hand and determine how much power you will require to get the work done. However, the voltage is proportional to the weight of the saw. In other words, the higher the voltage the heavier the saw is going to be. That means it is not possible to use a high voltage saw for a very long time. So, if you have a full day’s work planned out, then it is advisable to opt for a lightweight, low amperage saw. However, if the work involves heavy cutting and operating on metals, a high amperage saw will be required. In that light, before choosing your saw, consider the type of work you will be using it for.

Power Cut:

The orbital cutting action is the best type of cutting action that you can look for. Orbital cutting action cuts better through all material when compared against the other types. It is also the best when you are pacing the shoe of the saw on the platform on which you are working on. However, if you plan to hold your saw in a free-hand position then its advisable not to opt for a reciprocating saw that comes with orbital action.

Quick blade requirement and change adapter:

While working indoors, it’s advisable to use a reciprocating saw that comes with a hex wrench clamp that keeps the blades in place. Additionally, the wrench pattern is quite standard and can be replaced easily if it does get lost. However, having a reciprocating saw means you are sure to get busy with work and at some point in time. You will perhaps be working in busy outdoor places. Now, it may so happen that your blades might bend or even break. You cannot possibly spend a lot of time on changing the blades. In such conditions it’s important to have a change adaptor so that the work can get done quickly. However, while buying a change adaptor, get a metal one, as other material does not last for long.

Size and blade type:

There are multiple blades available for reciprocating saws and they vary between 4, 6, and 12 inches. However, which type of blade will you require depends heavily on the type of work you will be doing. However, reciprocating saws that have smaller blades are easy to manoeuvre and lead to greater efficiency while cutting. Additionally, the blade material must also be taken into consideration. Blades are made of metals, woods, or hybrid. It’s important to consider the blade material while selecting a saw.

Speed Consideration:

Most reciprocating saw sold in the market have variable speed control options that can be feathered to increase or decrease the speed to enhance cutting efficiency. However, it’s easier to pull down the trigger completely. To that end, a variable speed setting comes in handy. The variable setting can be as simple as a high-low setting or a 3-stage electronic control. The different reciprocating saws in the market come with different types of variable speed dials and control to make the usage easier.

Stroke Length:

As known, longer strokes result in quicker cutting while shorter strokes naturally take more time to get the job done. However, it’s desirable to use shorter strokes for plunge cuts when there is no start hole to help the blade pass through. Most of the budget reciprocating saws offer stroke length that generally ranges between  ¾ inches to 1-1/4 inches. The saws in the higher price brackets offer adjustable stroke lengths which turn out to be ideal if you have remodelling work in hand. For instance, you may require to make a square cut on the floor and you do not have a drill through-hole. To get this work done with a reciprocating saw, use a short-stroke during the initial cut and then when the blade is free to move use longer strokes to enhance the cutting speed.

Auto-stop brushes:

Auto-stop brushes increase the longevity of the reciprocating saws and also makes them safer; needless to say it’s an important feature to look into. Basically, the auto-stop brushes stop the saw immediately after the power supply has been cut. In the absence of auto-stop brushes, the blade stops slowly. When the brushes tear out, it automatically stops the saw which prevents its motor from further damage.

Battery type:

If you are opting for a cordless reciprocating saw, then make sure the battery you select is a Lithium-Ion battery. When compared against the Nickel-Cadmium, the Li-ion cells can hold the charge for a longer period of time and are lighter and smaller which reduces the overall weight of the saw.

Metal casing:

It’s advisable to buy reciprocating saws that offer metal housing. The metal casings help to dissipate the heat better than plastic casings, which makes it safe to use the saw for a longer period of time.

Reduced Vibration:

The high-end models of reciprocating saws offer vibration reduction that provides greater comfort and grip and also reduces fatigue. This feature must be looked into if you are planning on using this saw for long hours. Reduced vibration results in smoother cuts.


This is yet another feature that must be looked into if you are planning on using the saw for long hours. A cushioned grip is more comfortable than metal or plastic gripping. However, if you are planning to use the saw for long hours, have an idea about the gripping first hand by holding it.


There are multiple reciprocating saws in the market, and thus choosing one that best suits your needs is a little challenging. However, the products mentioned in this article will make it easy for you to pick out the best reciprocating saw 2021 that meets all your requirements. Additionally, the exhaustive buyer’s guide will further make the buying process relatively easy and smooth.

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