Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw Review

Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw Review

If you work with the wood, then you would understand the importance of the scroll saw in the workshop. They are a great help when you need to cut or curve the wood. The fact is that you are going to use the scroll saw at every step in your workshop. These are easy to use and they are also very efficient. If you are planning to consider Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw for purchase then hold on and check out this review first. We have listed this review for you so that you can understand all the functionality of Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw.  If you are actually looking for something affordable, then Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw can be a good option. It has a strong specification sheet, and it is also loaded with the features. Check out this detailed review and this will answer all your questions.

Specifications of Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw

Here is the detailed specification of the craftsman 16 Scroll Saw. This will help you in judging the technical aspect of the Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw.

  • Dimension–12.8 inches x 25 inches x 14.8 inches (H x L x W)
  • Weight– 41.3 pounds
  • Speed Range– 400 rpm to 1600 rpm
  • Operating Voltage– 120 Volts / 60 Hz
  • Depth of Throat– 16 inches
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness– 2 inches with Flat Table and 1 Inch with 45 degrees Angle
  • Dust blower– Multidirectional with Dust Extraction Port.

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It should be noted that in the package, you also get a blade wrench, blank end blades, and 4 number of 5 inch pins. The blade is easy to change with the help of the blade wrench.

Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw Features that We Like

You have been through the specifications of the Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw and we are sure that you would have got a fair idea about this scroll saw. We did a detailed review of this scroll saw and below are some of the things that we absolutely love about Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw. You can check them out and these can really be the reasons for you to consider Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw for purchase. Here are more details about the same –

  • Precision

Precision is really important when it comes to woodwork. A bad cut can ruin the whole blank of wood and you do not want that when you are working on the projects. Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw offers you with the required accuracy and precision. You can use the work table while using Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw and this enhances the stability for you. The table can absorb a lot of vibrations easily. The variable speed and the tilt is yet another factor that enhances precision. It is easy to tilt the angle to work with the wood. The saw can be used with the pin blade and this is quite an important factor while you are considering the purchase of Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw.

  • The capacity of Motor

The capacity of the motor is quite an important factor that you need to understand before purchasing any scroll saw. The good part here is that the motor of this scroll saw has a 1.6 Amp capacity and it is an inductive motor. The motor is powerful enough to guide the blade through soft and hardwoods. You will never observe any kind of stalling or kickbacks while using the saw. This is something that you always wish for while buying the scroll saw. Another thing that we would like to mention is that the throat depth of this scroll saw is 16 and this also enhances the accuracy. The speed of the motor can be controlled and the torque remains constant.

  • Easy to Use

Another important aspect of Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is that it is very easy to use. You need to ensure that the saw that you are buying is user friendly and this will not disappoint you. The fact that this saw supports tabletop makes it a lot easier to use. The variable speed is yet another add-on over here and it also works as an advantage for the user. The knob that is used to control the speed is easy to use as well and you can alter the speed while working. Because of the multidirectional blower and the compatibility with the external vacuum system, Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw ensures that your workshop remains clean. The sawdust would not linger around the workshop because of these two features.

  • Durability

As mentioned earlier, the material used to manufacture Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is a soft metal alloy. This is coupled with the cast iron table. The fact is that a lot of budget scrolls saws use plastic but this is one such product that replaces the plastic with metal. The replacement works in favor of the user and the user gets the added durability. The life of the Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is a lot longer than other cheap scrolls saws. The metal construction surely adds on to the durability and this also offers you the right amount of stability. You will have no complaints in terms of the durability of Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw.

  • Stability

While you are working with the wood, you want a lot of stability. Vibrations can be a hindrance while you are working and it is absolutely something that you would not want. The fact is that Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw has a cast-iron work table that provides enough support to the device. In addition to this, it also helps you by absorbing the vibrations. The dimensions are also optimal for the use and even when you are running the motor at 1600 rpm, you will not experience any vibrations. If stability had been your concern because of the other scrolls saws that you used then you can really let off your worries as you will experience the maximum stability while working with Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw.

  • Price

When you start setting up your workshop, we understand that you can be sensitive to the price. In such a case, you would always want a saw that offers great value for money. You will be happy to know that Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is exactly what you might be looking for. It offers you power, accuracy, precision, and durability as well. The saw is also very efficient and it is also lightweight. All these factors make it easy for you to carry around your saw to other locations. You can invest in this affordable scroll saw and the quality of your work would not be impacted. This scroll saw outperforms most of the scroll saws available in this price range.

Pros of Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw

Listed below are some of the advantages of the Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw. Check them out now

  • Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw can be connected easily to an external vacuum and this ensures that the workshop remains clean.
  • The saw has a cast iron construction and this enhances the stability of the saw.
  • You can use Plain End Blade and Pin End Blade to get different types of cuts
  • There is also a storage compartment on the saw that can help you in storing the blades in one place.
  • The motor has a variable speed so you can get the desired precision levels.
  • You can get the cuts of up to 45 degrees with the help of the saw and this can help you in creating joints.
  • The saw has a 1.6 Amp Inductive motor that generates a lot of power.

Cons of Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw

We would also like to mention the things that we didn’t like about Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw. Here are the details

  • Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw can only be tilted towards the left side and this can often complicate the process.
  • Spiral Scroll Blades are not compatible with Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw.
  • Some people may experience wear and tear if the use Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw for Heavy-Duty Cutting.

Final Verdict about Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw

So for the people who are looking for an affordable yet powerful scroll saw, Craftsman 16 is going to be an excellent option. It is available at an affordable price and the build quality is also amazing. The metal construction ensures the right levels of stability. You would not experience vibrations either and the saw will help you in getting all types of required cuts. Many scroll saws only come with a fixed speed but Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw comes with variable speed and that also offers you the required flexibility while you are working with the wood.

If you are a beginner or if you take up mid-sized projects, then Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is going to be a perfect option for you. It will offer you a good value for money along with the stability, accuracy, and durability. For any other information, reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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