DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw Review

Scroll saw is an important tool to get precise wooden cuts. It helps you to get an accurate cut and thus, create a beautiful work of art.

When buying a scroll saw you will come across many options. But if you want the best performance, then you should consider opting for Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw. This is one of the top-selling scroll saws on the market.

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The DeWalt DW788 scroll saw is known for its quality and brilliant performance. This is an easy to use scroll saw that is preferred by many professionals. The ease and comfort of using this scroll saw are unmatchable. It is designed to give you excellent performance and help you create beautiful wooden work. This is also a versatile tool that is available at an affordable rate.

This scroll saw is manufactured by Somerville Design which is a popular Canadian company. The tool comes loaded with features that make it special to the rest of the options on the market. It is primarily meant for semi-professionals and hobbyists. You can work with this tool for long hours every day without any issue. It is mainly used for styled cutting. Before you think of investing in this scroll saw you should know everything about it. To help you out, we have reviewed the product’s incomplete details. Check it out below.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specifications you will find in this scroll saw:

  • 3 amp motor
  • Weighs 56 lbs
  • Adjustable table
  • Table size of 16-inch x 23-¾ inch
  • 20-inch throat size
  • Variable speed trigger of 400-1750 SPM
  • Stroke length of ¾ inch – 2 inch
  • Equipped with double parallel linked arm
  • Tool-less blade changes
  • tension knob

DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw Review

Now that we have discussed the specifications, let’s talk about its features in detail.

  • Design

Design is the first thing that you will notice about this scroll saw. This is one of the designs that are easy to set up and start. It is equipped with a sturdy cast iron table with few inserts and a single hole. It has a durable design that is meant to last longer.

It comes with a 1.3-amp motor that provides enough power to cut through all types of materials. With its 2-inch depth cut, it delivers you an unbelievable performance. With this tool, you can work quickly but efficiently. It is meant to give you great performance in all situations.

It is easy to switch out the blades and adjust the tension with the easy to use controls. It allows you to move the material smoothly so that you can get the perfect angle every time. It comes with a moveable top arm that gives you a perfect fit regardless of the material you are working on.

It has strong bearings which add to its overall weight. In comparison to other models, this scroll saw is a bit on the heavier side. One of the best things about the tool is that it is completely noiseless means you can work on all your projects peacefully.

This scroll saw makes the perfect option fretwork and intarsia. It comes with an easy to use handle which allows you to manoeuvre the tool around easily. Not just that but you can also adjust the tension while the blade is on the operation.

The most unique thing about this scroll saw is the parallel-link arm design. It helps in reducing the distance and thus, reduces vibration. With the help of this scroll saw you can get accurate results every time.

  • Dust blower 

It is equipped with a dust blower which helps you to keep all the dust and debris away. You can move the dust blower around to collect all the dust so as to prevent it from getting in your way of work.

  • Cast iron table 

This scroll saw machine comes with a very durable and sturdy cast iron table. It is designed to last for years. It bevels up to 45 degrees to provide you with great versatility. This tool is designed to work on more complex designs.

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  • Variable speed control

This scroll saw provides you with variable speed control that makes it an efficient option. It gives you the ability to work at speeds ranging from 400 up to 1750. This means you can adjust the speed according to your needs.

  • Numbered blade tension knob

It comes with a numbered blade knob which is provided to give you maximum clarity whenever you adjusting the blades. You don’t need to use any equipment or tools to change out the blades. This makes the entire process much easier.

  • 20-inch throat size

It gives you a 20-inch throat size means you have enough room to work on larger pieces of materials. With this scroll saw machine, you don’t have to be limited to cutting smaller sections. This is meant to make the machine more efficient for you.

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  1. Does this scroll saw make rattling noises at higher speeds?

The main highlight of this machine is that it produces minimum noise and has very little vibration. This is what sets it apart from the rest of the models out there.

  1. What is the maximum thickness you can with this machine?

You can use this scroll saw to cut a variety of materials. It can cut up to 1.5 inch thick materials without any issues.

  1. Does it come with a stand?

No, you will have to buy the stand separately. If you are not willing to invest in a stand, then you can make one out of wood. You can watch some tutorials online to learn how to make a scroll saw stand.

  1. How long or for how many years will this machine last?

This scroll saw is known for its durability and sturdy design. It is meant to last for years to come. Even if you use the machine for more hours every day, it will last long.

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