Grizzly G0690 vs. G1023RL : Which One’s Best?

Getting some of the basic equipment that provides ease of functioning is very important. Whether you are extensively working for anything or applying DIY for regular works, the need for tools is very efficient. If you are a woodworker or find solace in wood artistry, the need for efficient saws for cutting is evident. These tools don’t only provide precise cutting, but also save much needed time that gets wasted if done manually. The automatic table saws are the effective ones that help to cut the wood with maximum precision and ease. You can get substantial benefits by using these saws.

For the woodworker’s one of the renowned brands, Grizzly manufactures some of the optimally efficient table saws. Two of the most popular table saws G0690 and G1023 are also manufactured by this brand. These are superior table saws that provide ample functionalities. Numerous attributes make them quite productive. These are sturdy and durable table saws that provide maximum longevity. The G0690 is an old school table saw that is equipped with all the modern features with the riving knife that makes it quite safe for the amateurs. The G1023 is the advanced version of the table saw that is equipped with a serpentine single belt, high motor power, and optimal fencing that makes it apt for the professionals.


Grizzly Industrial Inc. is the manufacturer of woodworking and metalworking machinery, founded in 1983 and hails from Bellingham, Washington. It has acquired a name for the brand due to its effectiveness and ease of access machinery. The core working of this company depends on the specific orders that sell their products through internet channels, retail stores, and B&M stores.

If you are a carpenter or a wood artist who finds solace in working with wood, then this manufacturer of machinery can be an apt option for buying tools and equipment. If you want to fill your arsenal of tools and equipment for different purposes then this can be the one-stop brand that provides all. It manufactures a wide range of products such as drill presses, lathes, dust collectors, shapers, wide belt sanders, edge sanders, table saws, jointers, band saws, planers, drum sanders, and combo sanders. These products are famous for their optimal reliability, endurance, durability, and strength. If you are looking for equipping your workplace with some of the best equipment’s then Grizzly can provide all.

Here we are emphasizing table saws and providing credible pints that can differentiate two of the most effective table saws manufactured by this brand i.e. G0690 AND G1023. This excerpt will provide some of the specific points that differentiate these products. This equipment can be justified with the help of their attributes and features. With this information, you can get a credible idea that leads to narrow down your choice to the best one.

Difference between G0690 and G1023

Here we are providing the differentiating points based on different traditional attributes. With these attributes, we are providing the relevant cause and also deduce the needs. This will provide effective information about the entire relevant characteristic and also helps you to makes your mind accordingly. With this information, you can narrow down your choice and acquire a better buying decision. Let’s delve into the character that is going to be decisive for your purchase.

Based on features

The G0690 model is 10 inches in overall length and acquires a 3HP motor. It works on 220V of power and the cabinet is equipped with a riving knife. It is the additional feature that helps it to acquire the traditional touch. The overall weight of the machinery is 507 pounds. The overall weight makes it quite bulky and it needs a specific space for the installation. Apart from this it runs on regular electricity 60V single supply and can be used in normal households with much ease. Additionally, it consists of a magnetic switch with an innovative approach for overload protection and disabling the pin that saves it from sudden power failures. It has a motor that runs with 3HP power and with an RPM of 3450. The power is transferred with the help of a triple Bely V drive. Whereas;

G1023 is also the same dimension but it has enhanced and powerful motor that ranges to 5HP motor. It has a cabinet left tilting mechanism. The overall weight of this table saw is 509 pounds, so it also needs a specific place for the setup. It runs on a 240V electricity supply and can be run in a 60V single supply. It has an ON/OFF push button switch with padlock functions. Though the voltage regulator is needed to protect this machinery from sudden electrical failures.

Based on the advantages

The G0690has optimal sturdiness that makes it quite durable. It has some of the best features that help to create an excellent workspace. The dust collection mechanism is an effective and riving knife with a fence that helps to provide an efficient mechanism for the woodworks. With the rip capacity of 30inch, you can get a precise cutting of woods. The traditional swing arm arbor design is capable of providing old school efficiency. With the apt fencing and optimal mechanism, it is quite accurate for cutting the woods. In addition to that, it is very safe and the problem of kickback is also minimal. Whereas;

The G1023 model is capable of providing effective cutting with the help of serpentine belts that minimizes the replacement cost. The cost of the operation with this model is minimal and can be a relief for the professionals. The dust collection unit is as efficient as sturdy which makes the worries massively clean. The durability of this machinery can increase longevity substantially. The increased DC performance of this model is proven and the dust shroud enclosing keeps on increasing that.

Based on the disadvantages

The G0690 is equipped with a traditional triple belt drive system which is not adequate for modern professionals. It lacks the superior finesse and smooth running of the machine. Apart from this, the lightweight throat plate makes it very difficult as it can be adjusted easily and quickly. With effective vibration, it is quite susceptible. The manufacturing of this model has some issues as there are numerous complaints about the build quality and inspection. The packaging problems also make it quite hard to appeal. There are chances of the saw blade teeth getting clogged with sawdust in the process of elevation and lowering while operation. Whereas;

The G1023 model has minimal concerns, as it is the enhanced machinery from Grizzly. It has high expectations and the customers get attracted to the features and functions of the machine. Though there are minimal issues regarding the packaging and inspection, it has some major issues that should be considered while purchasing. There is a specific problem of slip under the load of the single serpentine belt. Though the functioning of the same is smoother it may cause problems. During the kickback, it is quite hard to remove the blade guard as it is not that accurately attached. The danger of frequent kickback is prone to this. In addition to these problems the magnetic starter kit is in the casing and the switch is also located under the rails. While operating this user feels massive inconvenience that may lead to frustration and also causes elapsed timing.

Based on the desired need

When it comes to G0690, then it’s quite evident that it is a dedicated cross cut-saw that helps to attain maximum works if your job needs numerous cuts or a cross-cut. It runs on a motor of power 3HP so it cannot be used to cut other material. It is only suitable for woods. This is an apt saw for amateurs who want to get all the basics clear. Whereas;

When it comes to specific needs G1023 is a rip saw that enables you to perform different functions and numerous jobs. As it is way cheaper than G0690 and also acquires better functionalities in the terms of serpentine belt and fencing. Additionally, the 5HP motor makes it very suitable to cut other materials also.

While making your decision of opting between these two mechanisms, the above differentiating points can help you a lot. Keep a keen check on the attributes while making your decision and then opt for anyone. Though it is quite evident that both of the machines are very effective for wood cutting, G1023 cab also is used for other material cutting.

Both the models are effective and provide different features, though both can be differentiated on some fronts. If you want to acquire a table saw for minimal works or for getting your skills flourished then the G0690 is ample. But if you want to carry out heavy work that needs precision and heavy cutting then the G1023 is recommended. Both of these are efficient tools that can enormously help to increase productivity, you just have to be decisive about your needs. These are going to help you in every possible way for your much-needed woodworks. Opting G1023 cab is a sensible decision as it has comparatively massive benefits.

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