Hegner Scroll Saw Reviews

Hegner is a pioneer in supplying the best-quality machines used for woodwork. The products are manufactured in Germany, but Hegner sales and headquarters are in the UK. They supply a wide variety of woodwork machineries such as lathes, sanding machines, scrolls saw, and parts of all these pieces of machinery. You can make beautiful, mind-blowing wooden patterns and projects with them.

Hegner Scroll saw Reviws

Hegner supplies many different varieties of models for a scroll saw. Some are multi-cut, and some are poly cut. Also, they differ in throat size, power output, weight, and other technical features. Most of them have variable speed motors, which means you can regulate the speed of the blade as required. The power comes through an enclosed capacitor start motor and have foot switch to regulate the speed. The chassis of the machines are usually made of cast iron, and the table is made of aluminum. All models provide many blades, no need for you to buy blades at least for some years. They have a dust collection pipe, from which the debris is sucked and stored in a bin.

As we said earlier, there are many different models for scroll saw by Hegner, but the most sold and used is the “Hegner 18-Inch Scroll Saw”. Therefore today, we will be reviewing the same.

Technical Specifications

  • Throat capacity: 18 inches
  • Speed range: 400 rpm – 1700 rpm (Also called strokes per minute)
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Operating Voltage: 230 Volts \ 2.83 A
  • Watts: 100 watts
  • Board Tilting: 45-degree left angle and 12-degree right angle
  • Power Source: Capacitor start
  • Dust collection: Onboard dust blower
  • Cutting Thickness: 2 inches

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Hegner Scroll Saw Features 

After looking into the technical specifications, we would like to list out some specific features that are required for a scroll saw to operate with optimum performance. So, let proceed…

  • Capacity: To cut through wood and other work material, we will need a machine that has excellent power output. This machine provides a power output of 2.83A, which is of higher value as compared to many of the competitors. It produces raw power which is required for a machine that is used in a workshop. The throat capacity is 18 inches, which is a standard requirement for a scroll saw. It can cut through many different types of work materials such as plastic boards, wood, metal boards, and sun boards. It can cut into materials that are around 2 inches thick. The speed range for this machine is 400 rpm to 1700 rpm, also strokes per minute.
  • Accuracy: Along with premium capacity, the 18-inch Hegner scroll saw provides greater accuracy. The product is made of cast iron materials and works with strong premium blades. The combination of both provides superior accuracy. There are no vibrations even at the maximum speed and torque, which adds to the accuracy.
  • Durability: Hegner machines are the ones you can use for a lifetime, given that you maintain the machine regularly. Unlike other machines of other companies, these are made with durable cast iron, increasing the life of the body and the machine.
  • Stability: Stability is always a concern for any machine; the more the machine is stable, the more accurate the result will be. The Hegner machines are stable to give maximum performance even if you are using them at the highest speed.
  • Ease of usage: The machine is developed in such a way that it is convenient for the users to operate it without any hassle. You will get an instruction manual along with the package, so if you have any doubts, the manual will help you solve your issues. You can always contact the Hegner support for any questions.
  • Dust removal: To make sure the dust from the work materials is collected and sucked into a bin, the machine is connected with a pipe. Most of the dust particles will be collected from the suction pipe.
  • Tilting board: To help you with angle cuts, the platform board can be tilted 45 degrees to the left and 12 degrees to the right. This will assist you in making more precise patterns and designs.

Pros of Hegner 18-inch scroll saw:

  • The most powerful machine in this price range, maximum output is 2.83A.
  • Many different blades will be provided with the package to help you with different projects.
  • Throat size of 18 inches, aids in performing intricate cuts.
  • It can cut work materials up to 2-inch thickness, be it plastic boards, wood, or metal boards.
  • No vibrations or sound even at 1700rpm speed and torque.
  • We can tilt the board to certain angles, and make more precise cuts if needed.
  • The machine is made of cast iron, makes it durable for a lifetime.
  • Hegner team provides a 7-year warranty for the scroll saw a product they supply.
  • Convenient to use, unlike other scroll saws.

Cons of Hegner 18-inch scroll saw:

  • Some users say that the price is on the higher side when you compare other similar products. Though the quality is great when compared.
  • The dust collection system could have been more efficient.


Overall the products provided by Hegner are very durable. The 18-inch scroll saw by Hegner is one of the highest-rated product in the market, as it delivers excellently on all grounds. It is a German-made product and Germany is known to manufacture the best Scroll Saw products of steel and iron. If you want something for your workshop, that should last a lifetime, Hegner products are the best. These products are also a choice of woodworking experts all around the world. Because these products deliver at the highest level. We hope that the information we provided above will help you make up your mind on the right product for your workshop. We also hope you create one of the best patterns and become an expert in your field. All the best!!!

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