HF tools 16 inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

HF tools 16 inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

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Many brands manufacture Scroll Saw. Harbor Freight is one such brand that also produces Scroll Saw. The most common scroll saw used in the workshop is a 16 inches variable speed scroll saw. You can consider one such model from Harbor Freight and it is quite a reliable scroll saw. The saw comes with a stable design and at the same time, it is also very efficient in cutting curves quickly. If you are looking for more information about 16 inches variable speed scrolls saw then you are at the right place because we have shared a detailed review of this variable saw. Go ahead and check out more details and this will help you in understanding if you should buy this product from Harbor Freight or not.

Specifications of Harbor Freight 16 Scroll Saw

Specifications are one of the most important parts of any machinery. We are sure that you would also be interested in known the specification of this scroll saw. We have listed all the details below so go ahead and check out the details below.

  • Dimension–24 inches x 11 inches x 12.5 inches (L X W X H)
  • Weight– 90 Pounds
  • Speed Range– 400 RPM to 1600 RPM
  • Operating Voltage– 120 Volt
  • Depth of Throat– 16 Inches
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness– 2 inches
  • Dust blower– Comes with Dust Blower

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In the package, you also get a blade, two blades adapters, and a hex key. This helps you in chasing the blade when required. The length of the blade offered with this scroll saw is 5 inches. From the specification perspective, this scroll saw is really good. You will be able to use this scroll saw with multiple materials of variable hardness. The table can also tilt between the angles of 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

Features that We Like

You would have got a fair idea about this scroll saw by looking at the specifications. To share more details, we have listed more features about this scroll saw. This will help you in understanding why we recommend this 16 In. variable speed scroll saw by HF Tool. Overall, the scroll saw is reliable and this makes it easy for you to use it. This is going to be a long term investment for you. There is no such shortcoming associated with this scroll saw. Go ahead and check out the detailed features in this section. You will be able to make a purchase decision based on the points listed below.

  • Powerful Motor

This scroll saw has a very powerful motor integrated into it. The amperage of the motor is 1.2 Amps and it works on a single phase supply. The motor face no overheating issues and it provides the direct power delivery to the blade which is required for cutting through the material. You will notice that there are no vibrations generated by the motor which may impact the accuracy in anyway. The factor remains to be an important consideration because you do not want a scroll saw with the low-power motors that can get heated by long hours of usage. You will not experience such issues while using this 16 inches variable speed scroll saw by HF Tools.

  • Sturdy Built

The base of this machine is made of solid material and this keeps the machine very stable. There are holes in the base of the machine so that you can bolt the machine on the desk. The machine also comes with a table and the dimensions of the table are 10 inches x 16 inches. This provides you with a stable surface for working with the material. The machine does come with a safety plate that can be removed as well. There are no plastic parts that may break during usage. The whole machine is made of metal which significantly increases the life of the scroll saw.

  • Highly Versatile

While working on the scroll saw, you need a lot of versatility. This will help you in ensuring that you can work with different materials. Talking about this scroll saw from tools, the machine offers you the required versatility. You get the variable speed between 400 strokes per minute to 1600 strokes per minute. This lets you control the precision. Moreover, the table can also be turned up to 45 degrees on the left. This helps you in getting bevel cuts. With a 16 inch through, it is possible to achieve almost everything with this saw. You also get two blades that are of 15 TPI and 18 TPI. This lets you work with different materials. If you need to work with 2 inches thick wood then you may purchase an additional 10 TPI blade.

  • Easy to Maintain

Maintaining this scroll saw is not a big deal at all. The motor needs absolutely no maintenance and you would not have to worry about keeping your workshop clean as well. There is an air blower integrated into the motor that will keep the dust away from the material. It helps you in maintaining precision while you are working on the material that creates a lot of dust. Another advantage of this scroll saw is that this scroll saw is you will be able to connect the vacuum port as well and this will help you in keeping your workshop clean.

  • Reliable and Affordable

When you are setting up your workshop, the main concern is the amount of money that you have to invest. The machines can be expensive and hence you might not be willing to spend a lot on the scroll saw. We understand your concerns and this scroll saw is an affordable option. The retail price of this scroll saw is $99.99 and you can get various deals that will enable you to save more money. Apart from being affordable, the scroll saw is also very reliable. The sturdy build and the versatile setup gets you what you want while you are working on any type of material. You will never disappoint your clients if you have this 16 inches variable speed scroll saw by HF Tools.

  • Warranty

Another aspect of any machinery is the warranty associated with it. HF Tools offer a 90 day warranty on this scroll saw and they cover any sort of defect during this period. Like all other terms and conditions, the wear tear is not covered but any manufacturing defect or malfunctioning is covered in the warranty. The warranty applies to material and workmanship and it is valid from the day of purchase. Please ensure that you are purchasing the scroll saw from a reliable source so that you can avail of this benefit of the warranty.

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Pros of Harbor Freight 16 Scroll Saw

Let us now look at some of the advantages of buying the Harbor Freight 16 Inch scroll saw.

  • This scroll saw makes it easy to cut the design as the scroll saw is very precise and accurate.
  • You can use the included blade 15 TPI to cut the thick wood and even soft metal. You will also be able to use the scroll saw with the hardboard and wallboard.
  • The second blade offered has 18 TPI that can be used for softwood and other thin materials.
  • The air blower and the vacuum port works in sync with each other to keep the table and the workshop clean.
  • The base is designed with the cast iron so there are no vibrations while using the saw. You can even mount the scroll saw on the table.

Cons of Harbor Freight 16 Scroll Saw

You must already be impressed by looking at the specifications, features, and advantage of buying Harbor Freight 16 In scroll but let us also tell you about the disadvantages associated with this product. This will give you a perspective of both sides of the coin.

  • After a long term usage, the blower slows down. We are talking in terms of years here. So, the scroll saw would need maintenance after a long term usage.
  • The scroll saw can cut up to 2 inches of wood but you would need a 10 TPI blade for that. Unfortunately, this is not included as a part of the package.

Final Verdict about Harbor Freight 16 Scroll Saw

So, what do you think about the 16 Inches Variable Speed Scroll Saw by HF Tools? We want to leave the purchase decision on you and that is why we have highlighted both aspects of this scroll saw. Still, sharing some more details, we would like to mention that this scroll saw is for the beginners. You can learn and do basic projects with the help of this saw. Moreover, it is an affordable option available for you. The brand offers a warranty and hence you get a great deal as well. The blades and other parts are also available. So, if you are looking for a scroll saw for a beginner or Middle level then you can purchase this Best scroll saw.

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