Reciprocating Saw vs Jigsaw – Which One to Choose?

You use different sorts of tools for your work but have you ever been in a dilemma while choosing an apt tool for your work? Yes, this is true as there are many tools present which might make you feel confused and such confusion can happen while selection between reciprocating tool and jigsaw. These two tools are known for their excellent performance at work and experts prefer these tools to work with. Despite their excellent features, there are some of the differences between them which should be known to all the users who are going to use any of these tools.

We can’t use a reciprocating tool and a jigsaw in the same work. They have their working area and if they will be interchanged, then some problems may happen. We need to know about their features and also their demerits so that we can select the right tool for our work. To know about these two tools crisply, let’s delve deep to get more information.

What is Reciprocating Tool?

A reciprocating tool is one of the most reliable tools which experts use in their works. This tool can be used in professional works and just because of its performance, people prefer to use this tool. This tool can move back and forth and in and out. You can put any hard material and this tool can rip it apart easily as it is designed in that way. Generally, this tool is used for rough and tough cutting projects and works. If you are using this machine for your work, then the outcome can be achieved in minutes.

The machine is not very hard to handle as the holding space is given. The handle is given from where you have to hold the machine and complete your work. Make sure you are not going to use a reciprocating tool for the cutting of delicate materials as it can distort them. This is a fast-moving tool that cuts the material rapidly.

When we should Use Reciprocating Tool?

We need to be very sure if we are going to use a reciprocating tool for any task or project. There are some of the works where the reciprocating tool is used promptly.

  • You can also call the reciprocating tool as the demolition tool.
  • The blades of the reciprocating tool can be replaced and use it for the area which you are trying to destroy completely.
  • The machine is versatile and capable of cutting many layers of metals as well as other materials.
  • You can also use this tool for cutting the unwanted branches of the trees. You need not hire a big machine for that task, you can easily deploy a reciprocating tool for this work.
  • The reciprocating tool is durable and strong, sop you can use this tool anywhere. You can also change the blades of the tool according to the need of the cut.
  • You need to be wary while using this tool as it jumps a lot while working. You should not use this machine for any intricate or delicate sort of cuts.

What is Jigsaw?

Now we have jigsaw which is a type of reciprocating tool where the blades are fixed to an end of the tool. Blades used in the jigsaw tool are not that strong in comparison to the reciprocating tool. The blades in the jigsaw are frail and if you will try to cut hard materials using a jigsaw, then it might break down. If you want an intricate cut, then jigsaw can be the best tool for that work. You can also get delicate cuts with the help of this tool as this is apt for such works.

Before using a jigsaw for your work, you have to be very sure. You have to make sure that you are not going to use a jigsaw for large scale projects or demolition works. If you are going to use jigsaw in such works, then it might stop working or break down. This tool is specially designed for delicate works only. You can use this tool in your household works without any problem. Another good thing about this tool is that it is not risky.

When we should Use Jigsaw?

There are some of the works where the use of jigsaw is necessary. We need to be very much sure before using a jigsaw for any work. Here are some of the works where jigsaw is used:

  • The most important usage of the jigsaw is while you are going to make wooden signs or patterns. The blades of the jigsaw are patterned and will give you a fine touch.
  • If you don’t want to distort the alignment of the work, then you are supposed to use jigsaw as this the best tool for such work.
  • If you want to make circles in the wood, then you can use a jigsaw. No other tool is capable of making circles in the wood with precision.
  • If you want to give tiny cuts or delicate cuts in the wood or any material, you can use a jigsaw.
  • One of the best things about this tool is that it is lightweight and hence anyone can use this machine for their work. You can also take this machine from one place to another and complete your pending works immaculately.
  • While working with a jigsaw, you need to very sure that this machine is not suitable for demolition projects. There is a risk of damage to the tool, so you better not prefer this tool for any such work.

Things to Remember While Using Reciprocating Saw

There are certain things that we should always remember while using a reciprocating saw for our work. A reciprocating tool is a heavy tool that is used for rough and tough projects. We can’ use it for any delicate task, otherwise, the task will be destroyed completely. While using this tool, make sure your grip over the tool is strong as a single mistake can give you lethal injuries. If you have any project or work where you have to rip the heavy materials like wood, plastic, metals, etc. then you can use this tool. Don’t forget to read the user manual of the tool carefully before you start using it.

Things to Remember While Using Jigsaw

When you are going to use a jigsaw, then you need not show extra vigilance as the tool can be handled easily. This is not that sort of machine where you need to concentrate completely. Just keep a good grip over the tool and you will be able to accomplish your task within the time-space. You will be able to get intricate cuts, delicate cuts, etc. in the material. Make sure you are not going to use jigsaw in massive projects where you have to cut heavy materials. Jigsaw is not made for such heavy works as the blades are fragile and they might break down if you will try to cut heavy materials using the tool. You need to read the user guide very carefully before using the tool for your work.

Which One to Choose, Reciprocating Tool, or Jigsaw?

After looking at the properties of the reciprocating tool and jigsaw, now we need to conclude which tool is good and can be used by an individual. Answer to this question is quite difficult as both of them are good and suitable for their tasks. We can’t use them for any task as their domain of working is fixed. If we use jigsaw in place of the reciprocating tool, then there is a risk of breakage of the tool. If we use a reciprocating tool in place of the jigsaw, then the work may get distorted or destroyed.

Many users are not able to make difference between the reciprocating tool and jigsaw. They think that they both are the same as jigsaw comes under the category of reciprocating tools. They need to understand the difference which is there between these two tools. Before choosing the tool, they need to confirm that what is their task. After getting surety of the work, they can buy the tool. If the task is heavy and requires demolition work, then you need to buy a reciprocating tool that is regarded best for the work. If the task is small and you need precision cuts, then you have to buy jigsaw which is best for getting delicate and precision cuts. It all depends upon the users that what they are going to choose for their work.

So, here is a detailed article on how we can use a reciprocating tool and a jigsaw. They have their properties and features which is good for the respective works. Both the tools are excellent in their work and their works can be interchanged. Users are supposed to be sure about the amount of work they have taken in their hands. If the task is heavy and rough, then they can buy the reciprocating tool and if the task is small and quite delicate, then jigsaw will be best for that work.

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