Types of Circular Saws & Their Uses

A circular saw is a tool that operates on power and is used to cut any substances with the help of a sharp blade. It can be a portable one or the one fixed on a table. A circular saw is one such tool that enables carpenters and woodworkers to make a wide range of cuts. These saws make use of a circular blade that is rimmed with sharp-edged metallic teeth. The blade continually rotates for cutting the wood evenly. A varied range of blades is obtainable which lets the craftspeople cut different kinds of substances such as timber, lumber, concrete board, and panels. It also includes specific blades which can be utilized to cut metal sheets. There are many different types of circular saws users can avail from the market.

The majority of circular saws enable the operator to alter both the depth and height of the cut, and many are created for bevel cutting. In the case of a handheld, circular saw, the user can have two options of either choosing a right-handed or left-handed saw. For better stoutness and command, it can be fixed upon a table. The circular saw is a highly useful tool and so it is a mandate to be included in your go-to tool kit.

Types of Circular Saws

In this article, we are about to discuss almost all the different kinds of circular saws that can be beneficial to you in a lot of ways. All of these are dissimilar to each other in terms of their features and working, etc.

#1. Worm Drive Circular Saws

The worm drive circular saws have been the traditional substitute to sidewinder saws. They possess a motor that is positioned towards the back of the blade and is fastened to it with the help of gears. This leads to a decrease in its speed and an increase in the tortuousness. Users prefer worm drive because of their high power and longevity as well as for the enhanced sightlines that are developed from a sleeker and deep cutting saw.

Uses of Worm Drive Circular Saws: 

  • These saws can be used for both long as well as shorter cuts.
  • One can use a worm drive circular saw to cut any substance evenly.
  • They can also be used for cross-cutting.
  • These saws are an ideal option if you want to cut plunges on wood.

#2. Concrete Circular Saws 

Concrete saws are a great alternate option to blunt abrasive saws when it comes to cutting across solid, highly resistant substances such as metal and concrete. Although these saws don’t have sharp-edged teeth completely, they make use of a particular kind of positioning of teeth, which are manufactured from commercial diamond or any other substances of equal hardness or rigidity.

Uses of Concrete Circular Saws: 

  • You can use these saws to cut while cleaning out detritus and dirt.
  • Concrete circular saws can be a great tool for cutting concrete materials.
  • The saws are largely used at construction sites for different purposes.

#3. Sidewinder Circular Saws

Sidewinder saws are the foremost one that tends to strike the minds of people whenever they think of circular saws. They are also popular by the name in-line circular saws. To increase the portability of these saws, the motor is placed on the left side of the blade which straightly turns the shaft moving it around. These saws are known to use energy competently and draw power from corded electricity and a lithium-ion battery.

Uses of Sidewinder Circular Saws: 

  • Sidewinder Circular Saws can be used for cutting which can lead to splitting of any substance.
  • They can be used for cutting plywood.
  • You can make use of these saws for cutting softwood.
  • If you want appropriate vertical cuts on any substance, you can use these saws.
  • These saws are ideally great for making overhead cuts.

#4. Hypoid Circular Saws 

Whenever sidewinders are contrasted with worm drives, hypoid saws are the champ. The only similarity between the worm drives and hypoid saws is that both have their motors placed at the back of their blade. The factor that makes the hypoid saws different from the worm drives is that the worm drives are mechanical whereas the hypoid saws pass on power to their blade with the help of beveled gears that don’t cross each other.

Uses of Hypoid Circular Saws: 

  • These saws are largely used in wood workshops.
  • Hypoid Circular saws can cut hard and rigid timber smoothly.
  • They also allow smooth cutting through wet or soft lumber.

#5. Biscuit Joiner Circular Saws 

Biscuit joiners are a kind of circular saws that operate on the mechanism which works for affixing separate pieces of any material without a single noticeable nail hole. The blade of these saws creates a gash in both the boards, while a third wood piece, namely ‘biscuit’ is adhered beneath the two boards.

Uses of Biscuit Joiner Circular Saws:

  • Biscuit Joiner saws are appropriate for commercial usage and can be used for varied purposes in industries.
  • You can use these saws for connecting two disparate pieces of any material without seeable holes.

#6. Abrasive Circular Saws

The abrasive saws are sometimes known as chop saws. They can be permanently fixed on a radial or a countertop. These saws don’t have teeth, but they work with a flat bade that looks like a pizza cutter and completely helps them in ensuring a neat cut across any material. These saws are rarely used for serving home purposes since they are quite heavy to work with.

Uses of Abrasive Circular Saws:

  • Abrasive Circular Saws can easily cut any substance which is stiffer than wood.
  • They can efficiently cut tile or pipes.
  • You can make use of these saws to cut asphalt and concrete.
  • These saws can be smoothly used in any workpiece which has more resistance in comparison to wood.

#7. Table Saws 

Table saws comprise of saw blade which is round in shape and is joined to a motor placed within a notch on the workbench or countertop which ensures that only a little part of the blade can be seen. In these saws, you don’t need to push the blade throughout the workpiece, instead, you just need to take hold of the workpiece and advance it along the edges of the blade.

Uses of Table Saws:

  • Table saws can be suitably used for crosscutting on a workpiece of any material.
  • These saws can be used to tear apart boards effortlessly.
  • They can be used on all kinds of hardwood.

#8. Metal Cutting Circular Saws 

As the name suggests, these saws are mostly used in metal workshops. Although it is known by all that you can use any circular saw to cut metal, but there are a handful of circular saws that are exclusively made for cutting metal and this is one of them. Metal is way harder than wood and so is more sturdy to be cut. These saws are designed in a way to offer a better way of cutting metals without causing any shards or sparks. However, these saws have a low cutting speed in comparison to the wood cutting saws since the blades in a metal cutting saw are smaller than the ones used in ordinary circular saws.

Uses of Metal Cutting Circular Saws:

  • These saws are used to serve industrial purposes.
  • Metal Cutting Circular Saws can be used to cut across any kind of metallic substance.
  • They are used to cut metal smoothly with proper finishing

#9. Miter Saws 

The miter saws were put to use for the first time in the year 1960 and since then they have been the most popular version of circular saws. Although, they tend to be quite costly, but are highly safe and convenient and the users can use it without any hassle. These saws operate with the help of a swaying radial arm, which is connected to it. The height of the radial arm can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. These saws are often known as a kind of paper cutter used by the woodworkers.

Uses of Miter Saws: 

  • The miter saws can be used for creating cross-cuts across any material.
  • These saws can make bevel cuts on any workpiece.
  • They can also be used for compound cutting across any kind of substance.
  • You can use these saws for making miter cuts, which is a specific kind of cut made by only these saws.
  • Miter saws can rapidly cut a large amount of lumber to the desired size.
  • Miter saws can be used to serve all the purposes in a very short period when compared to the other saws of its kind.

These are the different variations of circular saws that you can search for in the market. All of the above-mentioned saws are highly useful and are capable of serving different purposes individually. However, some of them are very commercial and are not suitable for being used in our homes, whereas some can be an ideal addition to your home tool kit. You can avail of each of these tools both online as well as offline. You just need to make sure you know your own needs so that you can choose the appropriate circular saw for yourself.

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