Types of Miter Saws & Their Uses

Saws are very important equipment that involves a hard blade, chain, or wire and has a sharp-toothed edge. They can be used for multiple purposes such as cutting across wood or any other high resistance material. The cutting is done by positioning the toothed edge over the substance and advancing it rapidly back and forth or constantly in the forward direction. Saws are a highly useful tool and are engaged in wood workshops and industries. There are a lot of handheld saws that are quite easy to operate. Such saws tend to become an essential part of your home tool kit. However, based on their features and working saws can be classified into many different types and a circular saw is one such type. Circular saws are further subcategorized into several variations out of which Miter saw happens to be one.

What are Miter Saws? 

Miter saws are a kind of circular saw which are operated by power. They are an upgraded version of the traditional saws used for chopping and enable the users to create perfect cuts at different angles. These saws are appropriate for making angular joints or ornamented pieces. There are well-known miter saws that offer easy repetition to increase the speed of your production. Apart from this, there are many more uses of miter saws as well. Electrical power saws are used for making angular cuts for construction, trimming a workpiece, rafters, and rest of the basic activities involved in carpentry. These saws are also capable of making direct crosscuts and once they are furnished with the proper blade, the functioning of these saws is a crucial part of tool weaponry for the commercial carpenters.

Types of Miter Saws

There are three major types of miter saws that are available in the market. All of them are dissimilar to each other in terms of their features and operation.

#1. Compound Miter Saw 

This is a kind of miter saw which is popular for making slanting cuts. Although it is also good at making the regular cuts, which any standard miter saw can. The compound miter saw is way more versatile than the ordinary miter saws. In the case of compound miter saws, the users can discover few single bevelled models as well as double bevelled models too. The double bevelled model lets the users make compound cuts towards both the directions without needing to turn around the workpiece you are about to cut. Inspire of being costly in comparison to the ordinary miter saw, compound miter saws are much preferred by the users just because of their unique features.

Uses of a Compound Miter Saw:

The uses of a Compound miter saw are as follows:

  • Compound Miter Saw can be used for crosscutting on any kind of workpiece.
  • These saws are also used for miter cuts.
  • You can use these saws for an ideal bevel cutting.
  • They are very useful in making compound cuts on any material.

#2. Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Sliding compound miter saws are quite similar to the ordinary compound saws when it comes to making bevel and basic cuts across any workpiece. One advantage of these miter saws is that has sliding abilities that make it easy to work with. When you need to cut across a lot of wood logs or metal sheets at a time, you can use this saw since you just need to slide the blade of the saw throughout the length to cut across the material. However, the sliding compound miter saw can further be classified into three types which are:

  • Single sliding compound miter saw- In these saws, the blade only moves to a single side.
  • Double sliding compound miter saw – In these saws, the blade moves towards both sides.
  • Cordless sliding compound miter saw – These saws don’t need to be attached to any cord for their functioning. They operate on batteries.

Uses of a Sliding Compound Miter Saw:

Sliding compound miter saws can be used in the following ways:

  • One can use the sliding compound miter saw to make perfect crosscuts across any material.
  • These saws can be great for bevel cutting.
  • They are capable of making miter cuts.
  • You can make ideal compound cuts with the help of these saws.

#3. Standard Miter Saw

The standard miter saw is the very basic version of miter saws. These saws can be available in a varied range of power potentials and sizes. However, they are a great way to cut objects in a shorter period. Also, these saws tend to possess a much lighter mass when compared to the other miter saws. The standard miter saws are not priced very high and are mostly put into use for miter cutting and cross-cutting. These saws have got a lot of benefits and are far easier to use than the rest.

Uses of a Standard Miter Saw:

Major uses of a Standard miter saw are mentioned below:

  • Standard miter saws can be used for both simple as well as complex cross-cutting.
  • These saws can be used for easy cutting at a 45° or even 90° angle without any distortion.
  • One can also use these saws for basic cutting.
  • They can also be used as a DIY tool for the home tool kit.

We have discussed all the three types of miter saws as well as their uses individually. All of them are highly useful, although their places of usage may differ. Some are very heavy tools which can only be used for commercial purposes whereas some are lightweight saws which can be ideal for use at your homes. You can buy these saws at any hardware store near you as well as you can also find them online. You just need to be more cautious about their pricing, and authenticity while buying them online. If you are someone who loves tool hoarding, these are definitely for you.

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