Types of Table Saws & Their Uses

You will be able to make your woodwork more efficient, safe, and fast when you choose the right style of the table saw. The perfect table saw is designed to reduce human labor at the workplace. The table saws have always been considered as a heavenly tool for all the woodworkers. The table saw is a combination of a circular saw blade attached to its bower and a table that supports the materials to be cut. There are several kinds of table saw available in the market and each type has its benefits in making your work much easier. You should find the one that would be suitable to meet your needs.

How to decide on the perfect table saw?

Table saws can be broadly divided into two categories and they are portable and stationary. There are a few sub-types under each category. We will tell you about all the types in this article here. To understand which table saw to choose, you should know the features of various table saws. The portable saws are lightweight and can be carried easily from one place to the other. The most versatile and powerful version is the stationary table saws. They are difficult to be moved around, however, is equipped with high precision. There is a wide selection on both ends of the spectrum, and you need to decide as per your requirement. You have to decide whether you would choose less functional and portable or vice-versa.

Various kinds of Table saws

  • Movable Table Saws  : The three variants of portable saws are benchtop, Jobsite, and compact. Their portable design allows it to be moved from the home to the job site. Their weight is approximately 50lbs and they are made out of aluminum and steel. Most of the movable table saws make is of direct-driven motors. They can operate 120 volts and on 15-amp that produce around 2hp. The three types of movable table saws have been described below.
  • Benchtop– The Benchtop category saws were designed by enthusiastic minds. They are constructed as lightweight and are reasonably priced. These kinds of saws are perfect for DIYers and hobbyists. If you are first-timer in the market of table saws, then you should get a Benchtop table saw for yourself. You would conveniently be able to make your first bookcase or spice rack with the help of a benchtop saw. The machine comes with a direct driven universal motor that offers an accountable power for its size. If you compare them with the induction motor of the cabinet saws, they are not as durable as they are, but you would be super happy as a starter. They are one of the tailored saws that you have in your mind.
  • Compact– Compact built saws are a little larger than the benchtop variety. The main difference that makes it different from the benchtop saw is that it has a stand. The stand allows more stability while you make your desired cut. Looks-wise, compact saws have great similarity with the contractor models. Although the surface area of the table is much smaller than a contractor saw, but at glance, it looks quite the same as the models of the contractor built. Due to the sturdy build of the compact table saws, they are often used by the local businesspersons. The compact table saw comprises of the universal motor with an iron cast tabletop. This makes the table saw durable. Some of the models also have slider miter tables that help artisans with angular cuts.
  • Jobsite– Some of the times, Jobsite saws have been known as “contractor” saw. Jobsite saw as the name suggests are created for the tradesmen where it demands stability and durability. The saw features rolling stands the site to provide additional mobility. They offer great power to weight ratio and solid construction, which makes them a popular category among the table saws in the market. Jobsite saw is the best choice for a tradesman or carpenter. You can buy this table saw even if you are a local DIYer. As this type of table saw is made for heavy-duty use, the interior is built with great quality material. The motor can generate excessive grunt that is needed to make the cuts on the site. Jobsite saw produces clean cuts with great rip capacity than any of the benchtop models.

Stationary Table Saw

Under this category, there are again 3 types and they are contractor, cabinet, and hybrid. These table saws can never be termed as portable as they are significantly heavy. If you plan to move these saws from one place to the other, you would have to use a base that can move. They are accurate and powerful that can rip off the large sheets with ease. For durability and stability, they are made up of good quality iron. The detailed description is mentioned below.

  • Contractor– This type of saw is often known as the “open-stand” saw and it has a huge similarity with the Jobsite models. A typical contractor saw is heavy and large. They look more like a cabinet saw. This type of saw was mostly used by hobbyists until it became relevantly popular in recent years. The maximum weight of the saw is 300 lbs. The induction motor is much quieter compared to the universal motor and that is because it uses a maximum of two belts to make the blade work. The motor produces approximately 1-2 hp, which is equal to 750 – 1500 Watt. This power is sufficient to cut through large materials. The saw is quite affordable as well.
  • Hybrid– Hybrid saws are a blend of cabinet and contractor models. They mostly give a close competition to the expensive contractor models. The motor size of the hybrid model is the same as the contractor model. The main difference between the two is in the overall design. The use of lower and upper supports is called the trunnion assembly. The assembly in a hybrid saw is mounted from the beneath the table. The hybrid saw is equipped with a belt-driven motor for improved efficiency. You will find the hybrid model of table saw with a full closure or an open-leg model. The full closure design will be proficient in improving the dust collection. This table saw would run at a standard rate of 15/20 amp and provide 1.5 – 2 hp (1100 – 1500 W). They will also offer several accessory options amongst which the sliding table is one of them.
  • Cabinet– Cabinet saws are every woodworker’s dream machine. You will find them at most of the factories and professional workshops. This machine is used more by the professionals than the hobbyists as running such a machine would be too much for a hobbyist. They are built with solid construction and they are the best in this category. As they are made up of steel and cast iron, they are robust and durable and possess the capability of delivering numerous duty-cycles. They are created to last forever. When you use the cabinet saws, you won’t feel any vibration which is often complained about in the cheaper models. To get foolproof accuracy while making a compound cut or standard rip, you should get one cabinet table saw. All the models of cabinet saws come with a closed cabinet that enhances the dust collection feature.

Other Category

There are two other tables saw that do not fit into those two categories. They are the sliding table saw and mini and micro table saw. You will get the relevant information about these two table saws below.

  • Sliding table– More often the sliding table saw is known as the European table saw. This type of table saw is generally used for slip belongings and huge boards. The saw features a slide at the behind of the blade that remains folded under the table of the saw. The saw uses a few layers of induction in the motor and that is why it can do a large-scale job. The table saw is expensive and it also has a slide that passes out the cut materials in another way.
  • Mini and Micro– Among all the other saws, the mini table saw is the smallest. A 4-inch diameter blade is fitted to the saw to do the cutting work instantly. The mini saws are widely used by the model makers and hobbyists. This table saw is used primarily to cut the things that are too small and hard to be cut through any other saw. This is the reason why this type of table saw has become popular among the model builders and miniature workers.

The most essential factor to consider before choosing the right saw for you us how big your project will be. To make proper use of the table saws, you need to have a vast knowledge of the type of table saws. Hope the article helps.

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